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What's it like having photos done by you?

How would you describe your photography style?

Why should we choose you?!

How many weddings have you photographed?

What kind of weddings do you specialize in? 

I 1000% believe that the better I know you, the better I can tell your love story. I wanna hear about how nervous you were for your first date, I wanna text you Mean Girls quotes and send you inspo for your GORG wedding, I wanna help you pick your portrait spots and heck yeah, I'll give you fresh playlist recs. I'm on your team and whatever you need, I got you!!

My job is to make your experience as fun and easy as possible! I want to answer ALL your questions before you even know you have them so that when you're ready to book, it will all be easy breezy and you can focus on watching the countdown I KNOW you have on your home screen!!!

I love to have fun during sessions, and I want you to have an absolute blast! 
Don't worry about feeling awkward, or not knowing what to do with your hands - I'll guide you and give you prompts, and then you can forget that I'm there and just enjoy the moment!
You can expect me to make terrible jokes, ask ridiculous questions,  cheer you on, and laugh a lot, because having photos taken should be an enjoyable, memorable and super fun experience.
I like to grab those formal, smiling-at-the-camera, framed fridge photos first, and then scrap the perfection and focus on having a crazy good time capturing your true selves together! 

My photos are warm, natural, and true to life, and I am not afraid of colour!!! My posing style is a mixture of posed, prompts and candid; we'll start off with a basic pose, and then I'll give you prompts to get your real personality out to play! I never put my camera down, so I can be sure to grab all those in-betweens we all know tell the best stories.

I ALWAYS want your photos to look juuuust a little bit better than real life! You choose your colours, outfits, locations and decor super intentionally, so I want your photos to show how amazing it all really was! 

I love to have fun during sessions - and I want you to have a blast.
Don't worry about feeling awkward - I'll guide you and give you prompts, and then you can forget that I'm there and enjoy the moment. 
I'll make terrible jokes, ask ridiculous questions,  cheer you on, and laugh a lot, because having photos taken should be a fun, enjoyable and memorable experience.
During your wedding day, I'll be in the background documenting your day as it unfolds, and during portraits, I'll guide you as much as you need to create the most beautiful photos for your family, friends and new marriage.

We're so in! How do we book?

Amazing! You can send me an email from my contact page, and give me all the details you can about what you want in your session or wedding. You can expect a reply from me in as little as 2 days with a pricing guide attached, outlining all the details about your type of session. Once we agree that we're a perfect fit, I'll send you an agreement and you'll send a deposit, and I will officially be your wedding photographer (and then I'll do a happy dance because I'll be SO excited)!

Well, good freaking question, my friend!! 

From day 1, I'm in my couples' inbox, texts and DM's helping them plan, answering their questions (there are NO silly ones!), getting them pumped for their day and calming any of the nerves that might come up! I want to be more than just your photographer. I don't just want to show up, get up in your face with my camera, then peace out; NOPE, I'm your timeline planner, your decor advisor, your location consultant, your third wheel, and day-of BFF (and after cuz tbh, I'm not letting you go)!

SO, if you're looking for someone to be by your side from the start to (past!) the end, create natural and magical photos of your moments, and have a blast doing it all with, then by all means, send me that message!!!

I have the experience of 20 weddings in my 2.5 years of being a photographer, which means I have a TON of tips, advice, and knowledge to bring you! You deserve someone with experience and wisdom with you on your wedding day  and I'm your open book! 

My specialty: carefree, happy, super-in-love couples. That's all! 

I'm down for tiny elopements with just the two of you, for epic parties with alllll the pretty things, and everything in between! As long as you're crazy pumped about it, I'm there! 

I looove a wedding close to home (small town Alberta gal here), but nothing beats an adventure! I'll come to you wherever your love takes you!

what's in it for you

"Oh my gosh Nicole! These are so amazing! Thank you so much. They had me crying. You captured the evening perfectly! I also love how you captured our family and friends having the best time! Thanks again!"

- Carly & Joe

"Thank you sooo much for our photos. They are AMAZING! We love them. We were so pleased with every aspect of our experience with you!  We will definitely be recommending you to our friends!"

- Melissa & Levi