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Your engagement session should feel like your favourite date night. I love making the session as fun and as YOU as possible, so if you want to cuddle in your home and play records together, or go on your favourite hike and watch the sunset, or go for a drink at your favourite bar and window shop, LET'S DO IT!  If you prefer to leave the planning up to me, I have more than a few spots and concept ideas up my sleeve!

We'll start the session with the standard hang on your fridge, grandma's fav kind of photos, and once we're loose and used to the clicks, we'll get more playful and cozy. We normally shoot for about an hour, but I'm really not too sticky on that! After the session, I'll send you a few sneak peeks the next day, and you'll have your full gallery (about 75-100 photos) in 2 weeks! 

The total session fee is $450+gst; you'll send over a $100 deposit to book the session, and the rest can be paid however works best for you - split up into 3 payments, all the day before, etc; the only requirement is that the total is paid before photos can be delivered! That's it! The payment schedule is set by default to the remainder due the day before the session, so if you prefer something else, just let me know. 

I normally book sessions 3-4 months out, so if you have a specific date or day of the week in mind, we'll find something that works for you!

You didn't think I'd make you plan your outfits all by yourself?!

Ready to plan some engagement photos? AMAZING!


My job is to make your experience as fun and easy as possible! I want to answer ALL your questions before you even know you have them so that when you're ready to book, it will all be easy breezy and you can focus on getting PUMPED!

If you want to use your photos on your invitations or save the dates, book the session for at least 1 month before you need to order! 

I also recommend doing your photos in a different season then you're getting married in. It will add some variety to your photos and will look great side by side on your wall (hint: print your engagement and wedding photos! They're the most personalized home decor ever!) 

Need some ideas? These are just a few suggestions, but here are some of my favourite spots in a few different areas:

my final tips


when to do it!

Main Street

Bud Miller Park

Provincial Park

Lea Park

Whitemud Creek Ravine

Marwayne Trestle Bridge

Whyte Ave

Old Fort Point, Jasper

Waterton Lakes

Jasper Park Lodge

I'm always down to travel to the mountains; if you want to visit any of these locations, I'm happy to discount travel fees!
Barrier Lake
Lake Minnewanka
Abraham Lake
Spray Lakes; Kananaskis Region

Your own home:
Where you make your coffee, where you unwind, your happy place. Aka, the perfect place for engagement photos!

The side of the road!:
Don't underestimate the beauty of an open field, a pasture, a small stand of trees, a backroad. We don't need a crazy view to make stunning photos.

North Side of the River



The Rockies:

Most jewelry stores will clean rings for free; take your ring in for cleaning before your session so its super sparkly in your photos! 
Your engagement session is the perfect time to try out wedding makeup or get to know your wedding hairstylist. Professional hair and makeup really takes your photos to the next level.
If you have specific photo ideas or concepts you really love, send them to me! Let's daydream together and make your session 1000% you! 

We want you to be the focus, not the outfits!

Stick to one colour family; coordinate, but don't match. Look at this example - the blue dress with white florals, combined with the grey shirt and blue jeans, helps the look feel balanced without matching. 

Choose pastel or jewel tones if possible, and avoid bold patterns and big prints. Subtle patterns, like on this floral dress, are great! (make sure only one of you is wearing a pattern if so; otherwise, it gets busy!)

Start with clothes that you both feel like YOURSELVES in. Your photos should feel like you, so wear something that feels natural to you! Dress up, dress down, or somewhere in between, but keep it true to you!

Walterdale Bridge

Bring a second outfit if you want to! If you can't decide, or if you want to have two different looks in your gallery, one casual and one a bit fancier, feel free to bring an outfit change! Let me know if you brought another, and we can plan the session accordingly!