I’m Nicole, the photographer for the intentional, the adventurous, & the deeply in love.

I’ll make you feel like you’re hanging out with an old friend, one who makes you feel like you can be your complete selves. 
I’m all about creating a relaxed, calm space for you where we can settle in, get comfy, and create artwork that is all you with an extra bit of magic.

So - 
- if you and your boo are laid back, adventurous spirits who want a life that feels good; 
- if your memories are your most precious possessions; 
- and you’re craving photos that feel like home;

We were made for each other.

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let's hang out

Hey, hey! I'm Nicole

Where me, you & your boo travel together to a crazy cool place, explore & adventure together, and I document you falling in love with your new favourite place, and then give you the most personalized artwork ever from our experience. Pretty sweet, hey?

Are you into sunrise hikes, sunset drinks, waking up on a mountain, cannonballing into the lake, or checking out the coolest tequila bar? COUNT ME IN. 

Your intimate moments;
Your adventurous stories.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You truly captured every perfect moment of the day and viewing our photos tonight was such a wonderful walk down memory lane. I just can't wait to hug you again and say thank you in person! I've truly found the best photographer to capture all of our most important life moments, and I can't wait for you to capture our next!"

- Rhiannon & Adam

"I had no clue how things were going to go with it being so cold, but I wasn't stressed at all about the photos because I knew you'd do amazing wherever we ended up! I don't think I could thank you enough!"

- Kiera & Daine

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