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I'm Nicole, your adventurous, chill,
connection-focused and experience-obsessed
 intimate wedding photographer.

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For me, weddings are the peak of all the best parts of being human - choosing someone to grow with through the years, surrounding yourselves with love, letting your guard down and being overwhelmed with emotion, celebrating the things that make your love so precious.

And I'm passionate about helping couples create a wedding that prioritizes your own experience  - one that allows  you to be vulnerable, feel your feelings, spend that quality time with the person you are spending your life with, and infuse so much personality and character, while still sharing the day with and celebrating with your most important people.

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I've got the memories - you focus on living them

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Here's my take -

I give you my heart, my perspective, my support and my excitement that will 100% match yours, and you give me your full trust.

Your wedding is about your love and a day of saying YES to each other.

And the photos?

They're wonderful, beautiful, and incredibly important reminders of it. That's why I'm all about creating a connection with you, so that we can get your real selves showing up in your photos! This is a partnership; the more you lean in to the experience, the more truthful, sentimental and personal the photos will be.

My approach is to let you be you, and give you space to be your real selves together, the way you are when no one else is around. And in exchange, I'll keep your memories safe and give you timeless reminders of them.

I want you to look at your photos and see YOU. The way you look at each other, your mom's tears when you say "I do", your best friend's laugh when they share their favourite story, your own silent language and how it makes you feel calm and alive all at the same time.

My ultimate goal is to create a relaxing and open environment for you to connect in - because this is your story, and we want to see ALL of you.

My Approach