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March 29, 2020

10 Reasons to Book Your Intimate Portrait Session

Have you considered booking your intimate portrait session, but haven’t quite reached out yet? Maybe you’re feeling insecure about your body, maybe you’re not in the shape you want to be. Maybe you’re not really sure you deserve it. It can be intimidating, and whatever it may be for you, it’s valid! But, let yourself imagine what it would be like if you could step into the studio with me, and embrace all that a boudoir session brings. All the feelings, all the healing, all the ideas challenged or reinforced. The act of embracing your body in the presence of another person in itself is a huge win. Then, after all that, you get beautiful art of your incredible self to admire. We are all so unique, yet we share a lot of similar concerns and troubles. I get you, and I hope you resonate with one or more of these 10 reasons to book your intimate portrait session.

book your intimate portrait session

1. Documenting your body over time

Your body changes so much and so quickly over time; documenting it as it is today can be grounding and can help you recenter on those days when you’re not quite sure what’s true or struggling with your self image.
Remembering and honouring your body where it’s at is important. In five, ten, twenty years, you can look at these photos and remember where you came from and reminisce on everything you’ve experienced in that body.

book your intimate portrait session

2. Push your boundaries, and step outside of your comfort zone

When’s the last time you tried something new? How did it feel? Did you ever regret trying something, even if you didn’t think you’d do it again? Pushing your boundaries past what you’re comfortable with can be therapeutic, and stepping, or diving head first, out of your comfort zone is exhilarating. The endorphins after your session will have you on such a high. It’s not quite skydiving, but I’d argue that the feeling after is really similar. Something like, “Holy shit, I just did that, and it was AMAZING!”

book your intimate portrait session

3. Learn about your body from a new perspective

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re actually seeing a reversed, very limited perspective of your body. You can only see so much and it’s only from one angle. Because we’re so used to seeing the flipped image of ourselves, we get accustomed to that very limited view and create our whole narratives about ourselves based on that. Seeing yourself in photos, and especially professional ones, give you a completely new way to see yourself that you probably never have before. From that, you can start to expand your self image and gain a totally new perspective. Your photographer will also know exactly how to pose you so that new perspective will blow you away.

book your intimate portrait session

4. Gain a new appreciation for your body and the amazing things it does

It’s easy to lose touch with how our bodies feel and what they’re capable of doing. We get caught up in day to day tasks, and maybe you haven’t been to the gym in a while, or yoga has been taking the back burner while you keep your head above water.
During your session, I’ll pose you in a variety of ways and early on, we’ll see what clicks and what doesn’t feel good. You will probably be surprised with how your body reacts to having the space and judgement-free time to really get into those poses and it will start to feel natural. It’s easy to forget how it feels to move freely, and it feels so so good to get in tune with that relationship again. (Plus, when you see how damn good you look bending like that, you might make it a more regular thing!)

book your intimate portrait session

Your intimate portrait session is an opportunity to listen to and get in tune with your body. We rarely pay it the attention it needs, or give it the gratitude it deserves for carrying us through the best and the worst of times. Our bodies are our vessels on this earth – we owe them so much love.

5. Therapy and Your Self-Love Toolkit

A lot of us are uncomfortable about our bodies. It’s normal, and it’s absolutely okay. However, an intimate portrait session can be a chance to explore your relationship with your body, and a safe place with a photographer you trust is the best place to do it. I aim to create a space welcoming of all feelings, emotions, struggles and triumphs; you can come in and leave your hesitations at the door. I’m here for you.

I really think that booking intimate portrait sessions should be covered by insurance, because they are therapeutic as hell. The feelings you work through and the emotions you feel during and after your session can teach you that you really can face anything. On those dark days when you can’t see yourself clearly in the mirror, you can pull out your photos and remind yourself of the goddess you are. They’re telling the truth and sometimes you just need a reminder of that.

book your intimate portrait session

6. Mega Self Care

Face masks and candles don’t always cut it – sometimes, we need to go a bit deeper and do some inner work. Self care is more than relaxation, it’s about checking in and being honest with yourself, and giving your body, your mind and your heart what it needs. Wherever you may be in your self-love journey, an intimate portrait session can start a conversation with your body, or beyond that about whatever obstacles you may be facing, or any judgements you’ve placed on yourself.
This ties in with the therapeutic aspect of these sessions. Digging deep into why you relate to your body the way that you do can help us refocus our thoughts and be honest about our own perspectives. When you book your intimate portrait session, you’re choosing to make yourself a priority.

book your intimate portrait session

7. Celebrate Yourself

You deserve to be celebrated at every day, at every stage and change. Everything you are, everything that might shift or transform about you, doesn’t and never will change your worth. No matter what is going on in your life, if things haven’t been working out. You’re still amazing. We go through so much in our daily lives, and women are notoriously hard on ourselves without giving ourselves credit for everything we do. Take the time to honour how incredible you are. Booking your intimate portrait session can both give you that time to focus on yourself, and give you a physical reminder to celebrate yourself every day after.

book your intimate portrait session

8. Guaranteed confidence boost

The session itself is a major boost; the whole experience of having someone tell you how bomb you look naked is like, a dream. At the start of our sessions, women come in a bit shy, nervous, and not really sure about the whole thing.. but by the end, they all leave walking tall, carefree, and on cloud nine from the endorphins.
THEN. Let me tell you. Once you see your photos, I promise that you’ll be saying, “Wait, that’s me?!” Yep, it’s all you and it’s all true. You get to look at those whenever you need a little extra kick, and the next time you’re questioning whether or not you have the guts to go for something a bit scary, your photos are there to remind you just how strong and powerful you are. Book your intimate portrait session and you’ll see for yourself.

book your intimate portrait session

9. Your photos can make a great gift

Can you name a better way to tell someone you love them, than with sexy, personalized, beautiful photos of your gorgeous self? I say no more.
A lot of women initially book a session for this reason, but in the end, I think they’re the ones who get the biggest gift!!

book your intimate portrait session

10. It’s FUN!!

You might think that walking around naked is a bit strange, but don’t judge until its you, high on life, feeling’ yourself in the studio and strutting your stuff. I’m cheering you on and hell yes, you look amazing. I’m your cheerleader and I’m all about dancing, laughing, feel-good vibes in the studio. We’re here for a good time.

book your intimate portrait session

If any of these reasons have you feeling like an intimate portrait session is exactly what you need, you can reach out here. Let me know all your thoughts and we’ll get you booked in.

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