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March 23, 2021

What Do All My Couples Have In Common?

Choosing the right photographer, and how to know if we’re the perfect fit!

Choosing the Right Photographer

Choosing a photographer that is the right fit for you can be overwhelming, confusing and straight up stressful. My friend, I get it!!!

Let’s do a quick check to see if we’re right for each other, and if you should be a part of my little family! (If you’re here, my guess is HECK YES!)

Here are a few questions that my couples usually say yes to!

  1. Do you value your relationships and the present moment?
  2. Do you value high quality representations of these relationships and moments?
  3. Are you looking for someone who will get to know your real personality as a couple, through calls, video chats, texts, and messages? Do you appreciate quick replies to all of those?
  4. Are you drawn to warmth, colour and joy in photographs?
  5. Do you want your wedding photographs to radiate the way you *actually* felt on that day?
  6. Are you looking for someone to take charge during your portraits, and be a fly on the wall during your ceremony and reception?
  7. Do you like being prompted rather than posed for photos? And, are you cool with feeling a little silly in front of the camera? (don’t worry, we’ll warm up a bit first haha!)
  8. Do you want to become best friends with your wedding photographer, and stay friends after your wedding?

Choosing the Right Photographer

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, you are in the right place!!!

My couples need someone to document the most important day in their relationship. They want realistic, candid, and playful wedding photos. I aim for my work to show how the day really looked and felt, so my clients receive natural-feeling photos with a bit of warmth and romance added. Getting to REALLY know my couples is important to me, so my couples are used to me asking a million questions, or texting them with ideas and inspiration! I also believe that wedding photographs should tell the truth; during your ceremony and your reception, I like to let things happen naturally. But when it’s time for portraits, I’ll use my big girl voice to keep things moving and keep it fun while we do it! Finally, my favourite part of all is getting to be a part of this huge milestone in your lives, becoming super close, and staying in touch even after the wedding is over!

If the couple I’m describing sounds like you and your partner, I think it’s safe to say we’d be a perfect fit! I would love to get to know you as a couple; hit me up here!!!

Choosing the Right Photographer
Choosing the Right Photographer
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