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May 8, 2024

Kananaskis Hiking Elopement – Eve & Nick

Eve & Nick traveled all the way from England for an adventurous hiking elopement in Kananaskis. They rented a campervan, and explored all over the Alberta Rockies. On their last day in Canada, we met under the stars, and hiked up the ridge for their sunrise ceremony.

Their officiant Married By Cole joined us at the top, and led a beautiful customized ceremony surrounded by lakes, clouds, and peaks. Only 2 witnesses and an officiant were present, making it a “true” elopement experience. After the papers were signed and it was official, we took some artistic and adventurous portraits along the ridge before heading back down.

(Shoutout to my wonderful friend Dom for having me tag along on this adventure and sign as a witness. It was a true honour and privilege! Check out her work because she is super talented.)

On our way out, we parked the campervan on the side of the road for some photos to commemorate their wedding journey roadtrip, and then said our goodbyes.

Eve & Nick are THE sweetest & loveliest couple; I am so so grateful to have been a part of such an intimate and adventurous elopement day.

Why do a hiking elopement?

Because there are SO many ways to plan one, a hiking elopement is such a wonderful way to get married. They allow you to spend your wedding in the outdoors, begin your marriage with an adventure, and enjoy a beautiful view with lots of time & space for quiet connection. You’ve also got space for ALL the romance, excitement and all the other emotions that come up. Because they offer so much flexibility, they allow you to craft a wedding day that fully reflects who you are and what you value as a couple,

Your hiking elopement can also last as long as you want it to; I am a huge advocate for all day elopement experiences, but that can look a lot of different ways. Short hike, long hike, combining several activities, a small group or just the two of you, meeting with family or friends later, or spending the full day one on one, the possibilities are truly endless.

If you’re considering a Kananaskis hiking elopement, I’m here to help guide you through the process. As a photographer who specializes in adventurous, nostalgic, and timeless elopements, I am all about crafting a wedding day that is all YOU. Reach out here and let’s start planning your hiking elopement adventure!