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March 22, 2023

Greenhouse Engagement Session – Zach & Suzie

Zach & Suzie came all the way to Vermilion from Saskatchewan to hang out for their engagement session! I asked them how they like to spend their time, and how they’d describe their relationship, and they said they are goofy, loving, and just like to be together. I wanted to help them create something fun and unique that showed their personality as a couple. I like to think that really comes through in their greenhouse engagement session!

When it comes to planning your engagement session, try thinking outside the box. Besides the usual field at sunset (which, don’t get me wrong, never gets old and is always insanely beautiful), maybe there is something unique you could incorporate to make your session the most you it can be.

What’s your ideal Saturday? Maybe you two love to take your dogs and go for a hike. Maybe you love planning a meal, going shopping for the ingredients together, then cooking it at home. Maybe your idea of fun is going to the lake, swimming, and having a beach bonfire. What’s your favourite date night activity? Do you curl up on the couch with popcorn? Do you love a backyard fire? Do you have a local bar you love to watch the game at? Your ideal way to spend quality time is a great place to start with planning your engagement session.

From there, we can take your inspiration and narrow down a concept, location, time, outfits, and then make it happen! Remember, I will send you an engagement session guide when you book with me that will answer all your questions about where, when, what to wear, why, and how. I also have a ton of concept ideas – feel free to steal one 😉

I’d love to know your thoughts about this greenhouse engagement session – tell me your favourite photo, and reach out if you’re ready for your own greenhouse engagement session!!!

(Lastly, check out F’Laura N Company if you’re in Vermilion in the spring season. They’re the best!!!)