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April 8, 2023

Intimate Wedding at Home – Michayla & Brett

Michayla and Brett chose to have their intimate wedding at their own home, the place they built together and is the most special to them. Perfectly framed by the trees and old barn in their own backyard, they said their vows with their closest family and friends as witness.

This intimate wedding was fun and laid back, while being full of sentimental touches.

Michayla’s brother had passed away, and she wanted to quietly include him in the day somehow in a tasteful and intentional way. His cowboy hat sat front row, and we knew he was with us in spirit us all day.

It was important to the couple to spend quality time with all their ceremony guests and thank them personally for being a part of their lives. So, they greeted everyone after the ceremony and took the time to have a meaningful conversation with each of them. A win for intimate weddings – the time and flexibility to have a full conversation with each of your guests.

Finally, Michayla & Brett had a deal; first we buy an acreage, then we buy a donkey. Michayla found one, picked him up, kept him at a friend’s place, and surprised Brett with Wookie after their ceremony. Scroll down to see his reaction! These are the things I encourage couples to include in their day – things that are important or have meaning, or tie into your relationship somehow, regardless of whether other people “get it”. It’s not about the donkey, it’s about the thought, planning and intentionality of the donkey! Also, let’s make wedding donkeys a thing, cuz is he not so cute?

We wrapped up the sentimental ceremony and spent some time taking portraits and leaving space for these two to take in the fact that they were really truly actually married. Then, we parted ways and the whole crew headed to their reception. This is more proof that you can do literally whatever you want on your wedding day. You can have a small intimate ceremony, run away just the two of you for a while, and then celebrate all night long with allll your people!

The beauty of an intimate wedding is that they allow you to be vulnerable, feel your feelings, and take the time to really soak it all in, while still sharing the day with your important people and having them present for these big moments. And, having an intimate wedding at home adds an extra layer of intimacy; you have these life-changing moments in the same place you have the everyday, and fusing the two on the same day is such an honest way to express everything that’s most you.

Reach out here if an intimate wedding sounds like the perfect fit for you, and you’re craving photos that look like the day truly felt, while capturing all the magic that was present.


Dress: The Bridal Boutique, Essense of Australia

Makeup: Beauty By Jess